How 4 Things Will Change The Way You Approach Essay Writing


The primary motive to write an effective essay is to select a topic that summarizes the entire essay in few words. It is imperative that your topic depicts what you are writing about and how it is going to convince the reader to not only read it thoroughly but to imply the first instance of what this essay will be all about.


An outline is just like a guideline that will serve its purpose before you write an essay. An outline is not like a statement, but it is like a plan, a guiding way out towards the completion of your essay. Mostly, while writing essays writers do not start with the outline which leads towards non-coherence and lack of flow within the passages. Following are few tips to write an effective outline:
• Firstly, start from General. For instance, if you are writing an essay about “Implications of drone technology in the Food industry”, you should be starting with what are drones, and how this technology works.
• Secondly, general to specific. Now referring to the above example, your second point could be how drone technology is being used in the food industry.
• Thirdly, Make Comparisons or evaluations. You need to write a point on how you will evaluate your discussion points, for instance, you can discuss pros and cons of your selected niche OR you can discuss strengths and weaknesses.
• Conclusion – On the basis of the third point an essay writer can write its conclusion.


After the outline, the time is to write an effective thesis statement. A thesis statement illustrates two parts, your main topic, and the second part would be your point of the essay. In the first few words you need to write your main topic, then in the next words, you need be narrowing down your topic and lastly, you need to specify the context of your topic. For instance, for “Implications of drone technology in Food industry”, your main topic is Role of drone technology’, then you need to narrow down your topic like ‘Food industry’. Lastly, for defining the context of the thesis statement it would be ‘in Australia’. Hence your complete thesis statement would be “Role of Drone Technology in Australia”


The introduction is a significant part to get top essay writing. The stimulus to write an effective introduction should be to introduce your essay to a reader. For instance, take a scenario of how would you introduce yourself in front of an audience ready to hear you. Well, the main point is to start from scratch with your essay, just in 1-2 lines. Moving on to the next feature of your essay, and then the next characteristics. Similarly, in last lines of introductory paragraphs define the purpose of writing this essay. What is the main motive or reason to write this essay and how this essay will contribute to achieving that purpose?
The first 2-3 lines, should be introductory ones, for instance, what are drones about. The second 2-3 lines need to be how drones are being introduced in the food industry. The third 2-3 lines would be describing what are the pros and cons of using drones in the food industry.

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