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  • Following are the key sections and areas of dissertations that will prove that we provide the best dissertation help.
  • Dissertation Title. Which reflects your independent variable(s), dependent variable(s), and context of your dissertation
  • Dissertation Abstract. This includes answers to four basic questions about the thesis such as Why, How, Where, and Who.
  • Dissertation Introduction. This includes the background of the thesis and the contextual settings of the thesis.
  • Dissertation Problem Statement. This includes practical problems, theoretical problems, and literature problems.
  • Dissertation significance. This includes the significance of your study and the rationale to conduct this research.
  • Dissertation literature review. This section includes meta-analysis, and a substantive review of literature on your independent variables, dependent variables, and moderating or mediating variables.
  • Dissertation research model. This section comprises the theoretical framework and research model derived from the theoretical contribution and literature review.
  • Dissertation research methodology. This section discussed the detailed research methodology and whether your thesis if of qualitative or quantitative.
  • Dissertation Results and Discussion. This section analyzes the data, evaluate the research data, discuss the dissertation results, and accept or reject the hypothesis.
  • Dissertation conclusion. In this section, the research extrapolates and summarize the findings.
  • Dissertation references in APA, MLA, Harvard.
  • Appendix.
  • Dissertation questionnaire or other material.

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Are dissertation writing services legal?

Dissertation writing services are 100% legit, as there is no law applied to this field anywhere in the world. Moreover, most individuals and companies are offering dissertation writing services in the form of dissertation consultancy. In this way, these companies are safeguarding themselves by any government restriction and litigation if applicable.

What should a good dissertation include?

A good dissertation should include:

  • A researchable topic
    A gap, that why this dissertation should research this topic.
  • A pragmatic problem statement.
  • How this dissertation will be beneficial for the existing scientific community and who will get benefits from the findings of this dissertation.

Can you write a dissertation in 2 days?

It seems nearly impossible to write a dissertation in 2 days. However, if the dissertation topic is already approved and the dissertation research model is also approved, then a dissertation can be written in 2 days. Moreover, if you already have collected dissertation data and also have done the dissertation data analysis, then you can write your dissertation in 2 days.

Can you fail dissertation?

Getting a fail in a dissertation is possible. The primary reason to fail in a dissertation is that you have no prior dissertation working knowledge and you don’t know how to perform and write a research. Therefore, it is always recommended to study the research onion and take research methodology as a subject before working on your dissertation.

Can you write a dissertation in 3 months?

Yes, writing a dissertation in 3 months is easily possible. If your dissertation topic is already approved, and your dissertation research model is also approved then writing a dissertation in 3 months is possible. However, it also depends on the data availability whether data is available and how long it will take to collect dissertation data.

What is a dissertation writing?

Dissertation writing is a requirement of universities to attain a higher degree level such as a master’s degree, postgraduate degree, Ph.D. degree, and post-doc degree. Dissertation writing is defined as the research writing of your research which you are conducting to attain a certain degree. Dissertation writing includes various dissertation chapters, sections, and methodologies to conduct research.

How long does it take to write a PhD dissertation?

A Ph.D. dissertation is quite an extensive research work done by Ph.D. students. However, the usual time period to write a Ph.D. dissertation is 1.5 years to 3 years. It can vary, depending on the data availability, synopsis approval, and the data analysis of the dissertation. A Ph.D. dissertation can also be written in less than a year if the supervisor is cooperative and data for the dissertation is readily available.

How do I write a good PhD dissertation?

  • To write a good Ph.D. dissertation following things need to be considered:
  • An actual industrial problem and an actual theoretical problem.
  • Significance of the dissertation. How it will be helpful for the scientific community and who will be beneficial for the findings of your dissertation.
  • Research Methodology. This has to be viable and applicable and adopted from the prior literature.
  • Data Analysis. Data analysis should be done using the latest trends and means such as using Python for statistical analysis to provide an edge in writing a good Ph.D. dissertation.

How do I write a dissertation UK?

Writing a dissertation in the UK is not different as compared to writing a dissertation in the USA or other countries. The reason is that the UK has the same set of standards, structure, and requirements as the rest of the world scientific community. You can avail of dissertation writing services in the UK and you can get consultancy from professional dissertation writers.

How should a dissertation be laid out?

A good dissertation should be laid out in the following sections/ chapters:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction. This should include the background of the study, contextual settings of the study,
  • problem statement,
  • research questions,
  • research objectives,
  • the significance of
  • the dissertation, and structure of the dissertation.
  • Literature Review.
  • Review of literature related to selected variables.
  • Dissertation research model.
  • Research Methodology.
  • Quantitative or qualitative.
  • Results and discussion. data analysis, and findings.
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Appendix

What are the 5 chapters of a dissertation?

Following are the main 5 chapters of a dissertation:
Chapter 1 – Introduction. In this dissertation chapter problem statement, objectives, questions, and significance of the dissertation should be written.
Chapter 2 – Literature Review. In this dissertation chapter review of literature about selected variables should be written.
Chapter 3 – Research Methodology. In this dissertation chapter proposed dissertation methodology should be discussed and why it is recommended.
Chapter 4 – Results and Discussion. In this dissertation, chapter results are presented, and discussed the findings of the research.
Chapter 5 – Conclusion. In this dissertation chapter summary of the main findings is discussed.

How quickly can you write a dissertation?

Although writing a dissertation is quite a complicated and lengthy task, but a skilled and qualified dissertation writer can write a dissertation quickly. This all depends on the topic, measurability, data availability, data collection, and data analysis of the dissertation.

How long does it take to write a 15000 word dissertation?

A 15000 words dissertation is usually the requirement of the Master’s level, which is set by the universities. It usually takes 4-6 months at a normal speed of work. However, it might take a bit longer as well depend on the working pace of the dissertation writer, and supervisor. Arguably, a 15000-word dissertation can be written in a week as well. It depends if the topic, dissertation model, and data are available.

Do you have to write a dissertation for PhD?

Yes, this is a primary requirement of higher education authorities to conduct research work and write a dissertation for a Ph.D. degree. Although some institutes allowed students to take coursework and skip the dissertation, however at the Ph.D. level almost all institutes required the student to write a dissertation for Ph.D.

How do you write a PhD dissertation in 2 weeks?

Writing a Ph.D. dissertation in 2 weeks is applicable only if the synopsis is approved ad readily available to extend the research work. Moreover, if the data is available and only analysis needs to be conducted then one can write a Ph.D. dissertation in 2 weeks. Furthermore, the dissertation research model has to be approved by all means from the board of studies and the supervisors of the thesis.

Is using a dissertation writing service cheating?

It becomes detrimental that getting dissertation writing services to fall into cheating. However, there is no problem with that. The reason is that every dissertation writer needs help in their dissertations at some points. For which they consult with the dissertation professionals and other skilled dissertation writers who can help them to get out of the situations.

How do you structure a dissertation?

Following is a universal recommended dissertation structure:

  • Topic
  • Acknowledgment
  • Dedication of the dissertation
  • Abstract
  • List of tables
  • List of figures
  • Introduction
  • Problem statement
  • Research Objectives
  • Research questions
  • Significance of dissertation
  • Structure of dissertation (Chapterwise)
  • Literature review
  • The theoretical perspective of the dissertation.
  • Theoretical model
  • Dissertation research model
  • Research Methodology
  • Results and discussion
  • Data analysis
  • Findings
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Appendix

What are some good dissertation topics?

Good dissertation topics include independent variable, dependent variable, moderating variables, mediating variables, their relationship with each other, and the context of the study. Below is a format in which you can write any dissertation topic:
Impact of (Independent variable) on (Dependent variable) with the moderating/mediating role of (Moderating/Mediating variable). Evidence from (Context of study).
For example:
Impact of internet banking adoption on customer financial well-being with the moderating role of financial literacy. Evidence from Bank of UK.