Done with your writing? Going to submit it? Reviewed your writing several times? Not sure about the corrections you have made? Want to take any experienced second opinion? You need to come to us. We have all the solutions regarding your proofreading problems.
We have an experienced and qualified team that study your work thoroughly and try their best to make it free of all errors. We are available for you whenever you need us, we work 24/7 so that you do not face any issue while contacting us. We assure you to deliver your work within your given timeline. We do not only work for essays proofreading, we can also give services to proofread your dissertation, assignment, presentation or any other text. We can proofread your required document in minimum 6 hours, if you want it on urgent basis.
We work according to your given requirements, if you want a specific writing style; APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, etc. You don’t need to search for the required type of formats because we are here for that purpose, you only have to tell us your desired format, rest we will do with the help of our experienced and qualified proofreaders.
Our proofreaders are native English speakers, so you don’t have to worry about the English sentence structure or use of passive and active voice. Our proofreaders have higher degrees (Masters or PhD), they better know how to correct your document.
We have fair prices and also, we have some bundle offers which you can avail to get discount and get your document proofread at the very best and low rates.
We have a secure system, which will keep your document in secrecy. Only our proofreading team will have an access to your document. Once we have completed and returned your document to you, our system will automatically delete your document so that it cannot be reused without your consent.

We Can Provide Dissertation Proofreading Services:

Writing dissertation is a more complex thing as compared to a research paper, essay, research proposal or any assignment. Dissertation requires special qualifications to be done, also it requires special qualified professionals to proofread it.
Our team will not only proofread your dissertation and make it error free; they also give your formatting services so that you will not face any rejection while submitting your dissertation.
Our team of proofreaders make sure the following things while proofreading your dissertation:
• Our team will make sure there is no mistake of typos, which your normally do while writing and did not notice it.
• We will make sure that your dissertation will be free of all types of grammatical mistakes.
• We will assure you to make your dissertation free of all punctuation mistakes. We will look at each of them and place them correctly.
• Our professional team of proofreaders will not only overcome all the typing mistakes, but they could also correct all the mistakes regarding to the references.
• Our team could deal with all types of referencing styles and citations. They could make correct style of referencing and citations according to the requirement of your dissertation.
• Our proofreading team could format and arrange all the references alphabetically at the end of your dissertation (bibliography).
We assure you to give the best quality dissertation proofreading services to get you the highest grades in your degree.

We Can Proofread and Format Your document in The Best Way:

When you are done with all the “writing procedure” of your document, and now at the end you have no interest and are tired to proofread it, you can contact us. You are so sick and tired by writing such a long document and now you do not want to read it again properly to remove all the errors, that is the point where you need us.
Taking best services and advantage of proofreading services is not a crime. You can pay for it and you have the best proofreading and formatting services, that ensure you that they will make your document error free. You just have to send us a note, mentioning “proofread my document” and we will be there for your help.
Our team will do the required tasks as soon as possible. Our team will pay special attention to;
• Grammar
• Nature of content
• Style of content
• Typing errors
• Sentence structure
• Formatting (add page numbers, add header and footer if you want so, add proper spacing, add bullets, bolds, required font, etc.).
• Margins and alignment
If you are not sure about our services and you need to think about your decision of giving your document to us for proofreading and formatting, we provide you a free sample so that you could check how we work.
You just have to send a small portion from your document which has to be formatted and proofread, we do it free of cost (document should consist around 300 words). In this way you could check the way we work and you could also check our quality of work and our service.

We Are Offering Proofreading Services for All Your Academic Documents

Writing an academic document is a real struggle, but editing and proofreading it is another. We have the best team to review your academic work and give you best possible services regarding proofreading. We can proofread any of the following academic work:
• Research papers
• Dissertation
• PhD thesis
• Essays
• Admission essays
• Research proposal/Synopsis
• Journal articles
• Academic articles or assignments
If you are a non-native english student, you don’t have to worry about the correction and reviewing of your academic work, we have highly qualified native english team who can transform your required document in the most appropriate structure. Our team will not only review and polish your academic work but they can also give you tips to make you a better writer. Along with grammar mistakes, typing errors, and punctuation mistakes, our team will do the following things while proofreading your academic work:
• Your whole document is related to your title or not
• Make sure that there is not repetitive information
• Numbering of tables and figures
• Structure of paragraph
• Have a look at the whole structure of the document to know there are no missing elements
• Have a look at your text, is it clear or not
• Make sure that the concepts described are clear
• Make sure your document has some logic in it
• Make sure your document contains valid and reliable information
• Check the use of examples, if they are relevant or not
• Make sure that “terms” used are relevant and explained well
• Make sure the whole document is following one format
• Make sure your references are valid and are according to the style required
• Improve in-text citations
• Make sure you have all the references listed which you discussed in the text
• Make sure that your table of contents are auto generated
• Check page numbers
• Make sure there is a complete list of tables and figures
Our team is highly qualified and dedicated that they won’t embarrass you Infront of your supervisor, they provide you the best services to make your life easier. You just have to tell us which type of proofreading you want in your academic document and you can leave the rest on us.


What is a professional proofreader?

Professional proofreader is the one who can insert better words, review punctuation, grammar, typos, spellings and correct use of English. He can correct all errors to give a clarity to your document.

Do you need qualifications to be a proofreader?

Well, one doesn’t need any specific degree to be a proofreader. But most of the hiring companies want to work with the persons who have a degree of English or a Communication or Journalism background, as their proofreaders.

What does a proofreader look for?

Proofreading is the final stage which comes just before submitting your document. It mainly focuses on, common errors, punctuation or capitalization errors, and formatting mistakes.

Are proofreaders in demand?

There is always a need of proofreaders in the market. So, you don’t have to think that they might be not in demand. Yes, proofreaders are highly demanded in the market.

What comes first proofreading or editing?

Proofreading comes after editing. It mainly focuses on minor errors such as: grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors etc. You could only proofread a document when you have already done with all your editing.

What are the three tips for proofreading?

  • Know your own mistakes
  • Proofread the document for one type of error at a time
  • Be alert while proofreading

What are proofreading skills?

Proofreading is the careful check of errors present in the document just before publishing or submitting. It comes after the writing stage, you can fix minor errors, punctuation mistakes, typing errors, spellings, grammar, consistency of the content etc.

Why should we hire you for proofreading?

By hiring a professional proofreader, you are allowing to give an expert look to your document. A professional and expert proofreader will not correct your mistakes, along with he will also give you the suggestions to avoid such mistakes in the future and to become a better writer.

Why can’t I proofread my own work?

The main reason is; because your brain can work in a specific manner. You can find mistakes in every word you have written or you can even find errors in your fixed content. Sometimes, it happens that you do not find a single mistake in your document because you have written it yourself and you can work in a specific direction. It’s better to take an expert advice or help.

How can I improve my proofreading?

  • Read aloud
  • Do not be totally dependent on computer’s spell check
  • Don’t make long sentences, include comas
  • Use dictionary to know the correct meaning of words you have written

What should I look for when proofreading?

  • Basic grammar and spellings
  • Use of tenses, voices, and verbs
  • Watch sentence structure
  • Overall flow of text
    Same formatting

Can anyone be a proofreader?

No, not anyone can be a proofreader. To be a proofreader one must know the English language very well, he should be a keen observer, he himself should know the basic rules to write a document.

What is a good proofreading strategy?

It is a tough task to focus on the document for more than 30 minutes, to avoid any mistakes proofreader should take breaks in between to keep up the pace. The checked paragraphs and text should be circled to avoid any ambiguities.

What are the 4 things to look for when proofreading?

The main four things which should be focused while proofreading a document are; spellings, punctuation, grammar, and proper capitalization.

What are proofreading techniques?

  • Read the document backwards
  • Watch the punctuation deeply
  • Know about your homonyms
  • Have a second opinion

How do you proofread someone?

  • Check the errors one by one
  • Know your own weakness and strength
  • Read aloud
    Proofread word by word and line by line
  • Avoid distractions

How do you determine errors?

  • Do not read just two or three words, always read the whole sentence
  • Check verbs and pronouns first
    If an answer contains two choice of words, check both of them
  • Check for the word choices to see which looks more appropriate

How do you proofread a dissertation?

  • Check formatting
  • Make sure entire dissertation is linked
  • Take printout for proofreading
  • Use tools and help guides

Why is proofreading important while writing a thesis?

Proofreading is important for your thesis, because it gives an appropriate look. Your supervisor will be happy to see it error free. Proofreading the thesis also helps to remove extra and irrelevant information while focusing just on relevant information.

Is there money in proofreading?

Yes, every company or online proofreading website charge to proofread your document. Everyone have different set of charging the money according to their services and abilities and also according to the nature of the document you want to be proofread.