Research Article Publication Services

Student life is full of challenges from start to end. But it says that there is no end to study and yes, it is true. In a student’s life, the university is the most difficult stage because there is so much work one needs to do to complete their degree. It could be assignments, quizzes, presentations, and the most difficult is a Research paper. Once a student can complete his research paper, the next step is to publish it. This is supposed to be the most challenging task. But, no one needs to worry about this most difficult task because we will provide you all the basic outline which could help you in your publication of research article.

How Can We Assist You in Publishing Your Research Article?

Publishing a research article is of great importance, it has a good impact on your future and your career path. Now the point is, students are not aware of the process of publishing their research article and so they do hesitate. But we have the solution to this problem. From handling your research writing, we can also handle your publication process. All you need to do is to rely on us and we will give our best to make you the best in the future. We edit, format, review, and proofread your research article and then process it for publication, we also take reviews from professors and other research persons to avoid any kind of rejection. We promise you that we won’t let you fail, you just have to trust us and let us do our work.

How We Will Help You in Research Writing and Publication:

Writing a research paper is a difficult task but to publish it is the more difficult one. Our website will take the responsibility of writing your research article and then publish it. We provide you the best services for writing a research article so it could easily be published. Following are the key points that make your trust in our services.
Choosing a definite research question: A research paper consist of research questions and choosing them wisely will make your research stronger in every aspect.

  • Title: If you want to publish your research article in the Journal, then the title must be concise and not too lengthy.
  • Abstract: Abstract should be comprised of one paragraph.
  • Introduction: The introduction reflects your research article so there should be a description of your whole research article.
  • Methods: Defining your chosen and appropriate method to analyze the data of the research article.
  • Results: Presentation of data in tables, graphs, and figures will make it a more appropriate order to publish your research article in the Journal.
  • Conclusion: Summarization of the results and writing how much your research article could be useful for future researches.
  • Acknowledgments: Detailed summary of your efforts.
  • References: Illustration of the references that have been cited and used in the writing of the research article.

How We Can Help You to Publish Your Research Article in A National or International Journal:

Before publishing your research article in any Journal, the most important thing is “review”. We would assure you that we will review your research article thoroughly, evaluate it, and make it error-free.

  • To make your research article error-free, we will do the required changes that could make it more applicable.
  • We assure you to make your research article of high quality so it will get approved by the Journal.
  • We will make recommendations and reviews about your research article to make it perfect in every aspect.
  • We make sure that your research article is well organized.
  • We will do all the typing and grammar mistakes to publish them in the Journal.
    After all the editing and proofreading we will send your research article to the required Journal to publish.
  • There are some rules that we keep in mind while doing the publication process:
  • We will find a major issue in your research article based on which, it has been selected in the Journal for publication.
  • We would select the best Journal for publication, we do not compromise on quality.
  • We will convert the format of your research article into the required format of the Journal.
  • We will do all the process according to the instructions of the Journal to avoid any rejection.
  • We will make your research article accepted based on research quality and its presentation.

We Can Provide You Better Services in Research Article Submission:

Submission of a research article is a lengthy process and students are not aware that how and where should they submit their research article for submission. We are here to solve all your problems regarding submission and publication. Following are the offers we can provide:

  • Each journal has a different set of requirements while accepting any research article.
  • We assure you that we will make your research article according to the desired requirements.
  • We format your research article according to the defined formatting patterns.
  • Our editors will write a submission letter to the journal website, this submission letter will be according to the content of the research article.
  • We will create an account for you on the journal website and give them all your professional and educational details.
  • We will deal with the follow-up process.
  • We will submit your research article according to the required file size.
  • We will do all the modifications or additional information required if any by the journal website.

Research Paper Publication Topics

We have provided research paper publication services on the following topics:

  • Research paper publication on capital punishment
  • Research paper publication on social networking
  • Research paper publication on recycling
  • Research paper publication on teenage pregnancy
  • Research paper publication on the death penalty
  • Research paper publication on the great depression
  • Research paper publication on the holocaust
  • Research paper publication on the hunger games
  • Research paper publication on the iliad research paper on the odyssey
  • Research paper publication on COVID vaccinations
  • Research paper publication on world war ii
  • Research paper publication on medical
  • Research paper publication on nursing
  • Research paper publication on IT
  • Research paper publication on marketing
  • Research paper publication on HR
  • Research paper publication on finance
  • Research paper publication on supply chain
  • Research paper publication on law
  • Research paper publication on physics
  • Research paper publication on chemistry
  • Research paper publication on physics
  • Research paper publication on mathematics
  • Research paper publication on blockchain
  • Research paper publication on artificial inteligence
  • Research paper publication on management sciences
  • Research paper publication on social sciences


Where can I publish a research paper?

Visit the Journal’s website and have a look at its submission requirements. If you think that your research paper has been under all the requirements of the specified Journal then you are free to submit your research article to the Journal in a proper way. Some of the journals allow online submission of research articles while some prefer a hard copy to be submitted.

What are the benefits of publishing research paper?

Basically, there are 5 benefits of publishing a research paper:

  • It helps to improve your writing and research skills.
  • It gives you an experience of the publication process.
  • It allows you to connect with high-level researchers and professors.
  • It brings a leadership quality to you.
  • It gives you the right direction for your future.

Where can I publish a research paper for free?

Free paper publications are as follows:

  • Modern Material Journals.
  • Simulation of Materials and Modeling Journal.
  • Advanced Journal of Graduation Research.
  • Advanced Nano Research.

How long does it take to write and publish a research paper?

Yes, most of the academic institutions pay their researchers, but the researchers are obliged to do research and then publish it in a specific Journal. Also, some universities pay incentives to publish the research paper in the Journal.

Can you publish research without a PhD?

Yes, of course, you don’t have to own a Ph.D. degree to publish your paper. You could be an undergraduate too if you want your thesis to be published. In fact, it is more valuable if you publish your thesis when you are an undergraduate because in this way you will learn the skills to publish a research paper that could be helpful in your future.

Is it bad to publish in low tier Journals?

If you publish a number of research papers to incomprehensible Journals, it could be more damaging to your career as compared to publish one research paper in a reputable low tier Journal.

Can I publish my university essays?

Not really, university essays are very different from research papers in every aspect. Academic Journals only accept those research papers which are strictly formatted according to the set of rules. University essays are very basic, that they could not be published in any Journal.

Do all Journals charge to publish?

Standard Journals only charge if color printed figures and reprints are included in a research paper, otherwise, they don’t charge. Many of the Journals have an option that could enable everyone to read your research paper, they cost around USD3000. Journals that have an open access option their publication fees revolve around $8-3,900.

Are open access Journals bad?

Open Access Journals does not deeply go into the reviewing process, that is why they should take action to make their quality better and should publish high-quality papers. However, some open access Journals are working so well.

How do I access academic Journals?

Sci. hub is one of the free site to access journals free of cost. For this purpose, you have to visit a library. Public libraries have subscribed to academic journals, and if you have a library card then you can read them at any time without any hurdle. Some of the libraries also have access to the standard Journals for their students so that you could read them without any cost.

What is the purpose of publishing?

Your publication will be added to your CV, which will increase your value. If you are working under any academic institution, they will judge by the number of publications you have. It will also help to enhance your skills.

Can I publish my research paper in Journals free of cost?

Yes, you absolutely can publish your research paper in the Journals free of cost. If you do so, the cost will be paid by the subscribers or members (that could be universities, academic institutions, any person, etc.) who want to read your research paper in the Journal.

How can I publish my paper for free?

Following are the few steps that can help you:
Find the best suited Journal for your research paper.
Prepare your research paper for the submission process.
Submit your research paper and revise it.
Keep checking the status of your research paper.
You could share and promote your research paper.

How do you publish a scientific paper?

Following are the steps that could help you to publish your scientific paper:

  • The environment should be good for publishing.
  • You should think about the figures. (add more figures)
  • Select a suitable Journal for your research paper.
  • The research paper, you want to submit should be of high quality.
  • Take reviews so that everything goes smooth.

Should I publish open access?

Open access publications have no permit requirements and they do not cost anything from their readers. It has been observed that open access publications are more into citations and referencing as compared to the subscription publications.

Are open access Journals reliable?

There are some good quality open access Journals and they strictly do their reviewing process. The research paper’s quality, its relevance to the Journal, its structure, and its validity all are reviewed by a professional team. Francis and Taylor Journals have a good and professional team that does their best while reviewing.

Where can I publish my research paper?

Following is the list of journals:

  • Directory of open access journals.
  • JANE
  • Springer journal suggester
  • Edanz Journal Selector
  • HelioBlast
  • Journal Name Estimator
  • Elsevier Journal Finder
  • Thomson Reuters Journal
  • Science Direct
  • Emeralinsight

How long does it take to publish a research paper?

Writing a research paper is a lengthy process as compared to publishing it. An estimated time frame between submission of the research paper and the acceptance of that research paper has been 100 days, it has been occurring for the past 30 years.